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Lens on San Gabriel


Goree Whitfield



The piece represents the evolution of
overlapping influences that define our image of
San Gabriel. The colored lenses stand for
important dates in the history of the city. A map
of the city highlights the locations of the events
memorialized in the glass circles of the same
color. The lenses cast patterns of colored light
on the map and reference the living history of
the valley as a tapestry of shifting colors. The
dynamic character of the overlapping colors on
the map varies by the hour and day. Each pole
holds one precisely mounted lens and an
inscription of the event and date of note. As the
sun path changes through the year important
dates are highlighted.
The colored light cast by each glass circle
overlaps the corresponding location on the map
on the anniversary of an event.
The circles respond to the physical character of
the site enclosing the open side of the building
corner, reinforcing the boundaries of the
outdoor court. The circles also contrast with the
rectilinear aesthetic of the building with a
distinct and complimentary character.


Studio 7

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